Age Programs

Your child’s educators and carers are qualified to support and facilitate this vital period in your child’s learning and development, with each room designed for the specific needs of each age group. All learning programs will be developed using the Early Years Learning Framework ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’, the national early childhood education curriculum.

Babies 0-2

Our Pippies and Pebbles rooms are for the youngest children in the Centre. These rooms are appropriately provisioned with equipment and materials for very young babies to 2 year old toddlers. We believe that the essential component in the care of very young children is the provision of a secure, nurturing and calm environment whilst supporting their explorations and discoveries. Daily communication with you about your child at this stage is crucial as so many changes are occurring on a minute to minute basis. Read More Babies 0-2

Toddlers 2-3

Our Shells Room has been designed to capture your toddler’s rapidly developing cognitive skills, language and communication skills, and use of imagination and engagement in pretend play.

The educators will share information with you about your child’s day in a variety of ways – verbally, the daily communication book, ‘personal care’ charts. Read More Toddlers 2-3

Pre-Schoolers 3-4

In our Rockpools room, our 3 to 4 years old explore and grow. These young children have rich imaginations, and they love to create and to pretend. They enjoy physical activity and are beginning to become less dependent on their usual caregivers. The program in the Rockpools Room will support your child’s growth and development as active, creative, capable, and resourceful learners. Read More Toddlers 3-4

Pre-Schoolers 4-5

‘The primary purpose of being four is to enjoy being four. Of secondary importance, is to prepare for being five’

Our Seabirds Preschool program involves educators being intentional, purposeful and thoughtful in their decisions and actions to support children at this dynamic stage and age in their learning and development. The preschool program will have a strong focus of children learning collaboratively in a social context with educators creating with them a challenging,  yet flexible, learning environment. A consistent daily routine will be established ensuring familiarity and predictability for the children which in turn builds confidence and trust.  Read More Pre-Schoolers 4-5