Babies 0-2

During their first year of life amazing development occurs with babies learning more and growing faster than they will at any other time in life.

Whilst milestones are approximate times when certain abilities are observable, babies are very flexible with every child growing and adjusting to the world at his or her own pace.

As babies move into their exciting second year their developing personality emerges. They are moving from babyhood into childhood, growing fast and learning lots! It is a time full of learning new skills (such as feeding themselves, learning to walk), being able to do more things independently but not always aware of the consequences of their actions, and a time of curious investigations of everything around them.

The staff’s responsive care reflects the vital role they play in your young child’s development, and they work to become attuned to your baby’s cues. This ensures your baby’s physical needs are met, but also and very importantly, their social, emotional, and communicative needs.

A typical day includes:

play time inside and outside focusing on sensory-motor stimulation, play for the under 2’s together as well as some time in their own room dedicated to more age appropriate activity – floor and tummy time for the babies and time for pretend play, play dough and painting for the 1 to 2’s. In beween all of that activity, time needs to be given to responsive care giving in relation to the children’s personal care – feeding, eating and bathrooming. The day will focus on your child’s own individual daily rhythm and pattern.