A Firefighter visits St Anne’s

Ian Grimwood 1On Tuesday 7 April 2015 Mr Ian Grimwood, came to visit to talk to the Preschoolers about Fire Safety. Ian is a Firefighter with the Lismore Brigade.
He gave the children the following simple messages to remember:
• Check your house for smoke detectors – every house should have some.
• If there is a fire call 000.
• If there is a fire in your house get out of your house and go to a safe place – plan with your family where the safe place is (fire plan) – the letter box is a good spot.
• If your clothes ever catch on fire STOP, DROP down, COVER your face and ROLL over and over.
• If there is a fire in your house and there is smoke GET DOWN LOW, and GO, GO, GO (out of your house).
• If there is fire in your house get out and don’t go back in to get toys, teddies or pets. The Firefighters will rescue your pets for you!
Ian then dressed in his fire fighting clothing and told the children NEVER to be frightened of a firefighter – call out to them and let them know where you are if you are caught in a fire.
Thanks for your messages Ian!!
For more very useful information go to the NSW Fire and Rescue website.

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