Living Safely with Dogs Preschool Program – Monday 19 June ’17

Monday 19 June 2017 – Living Safely with Dogs Preschool Program – funded by the NSW Office of Local Government – was presented to the Preschool children focusing on teaching them about dog safety.

Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. Most dog attacks involve children in the 0-8 age range and a high number of these attacks also occur in the home environment where children are bitten by their own dog or one known to them. Educating children and their families ensures the child-pet relationship is not only physically and emotionally rewarding but also a safe one as well.

This program is delivered using role play, story, song and a “real dog” brought in by the Programme Educator to teach children:  things we should not do to dogs, how can you tell if a dog is happy, scared or angry, a safe way to approach and greet a dog, and what to do if approached by an unknown or aggressive dog.

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