St Anne’s ANZAC Day Commemoration

The Seabirds children and Educators invited all the children and Educators from each Learning Room at St Anne’s to meet on the Grass Space as a community to honour and pay our respects to our ANZAC’s for this year’s ANZAC Day, Sunday 25th April 2021.

There are times in our days that provide us all with a warm spiritual feeling within our class, as well as, the St Anne’s community –this was one of those moments.

Whilst it may be thought that children are too young to understand, we believe all children are capable and knowledgeable (just differently to adults). Such events exposes young children to important cultural and national traditions. We all listened to The Ode, The Last Post, The Reveille, The Australian National Anthem and had a moment of silence (20 seconds). The children were quiet and still as they observed the Educators and Narelle, our Centre Director, bow heads, look deep in thought and a moment of being proud and grateful. We believe, all of the children were, in some way, aware that there was a very special moment happening while we were all together.

It was a glorious warm Autumn morning as 19 Educators and 74 children shared this time to honour those who we now refer to as ANZACs. This was a wonderful example of “community”.

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