Transition to School Program

St Anne’s is located in a School precinct with neighbouring St Francis Xavier Parish schools very close by – Holy Family Catholic Primary School and Xavier Catholic College. This close proximity has allowed us to build relationships with both school communities, particularly Holy Family Primary School, with our Preschool classes making regular visits to the school as part of our Transition to School Program.

This program ensures we are able to support our 4-5 year old Preschool children’s developing understanding of ‘what a school is’, ‘what a school looks like and feels like’, ‘various rooms and parts of a school’ (office, library, eating areas, outside play areas, toilets, classrooms). These visits will support all children’s transition to school in relation to ‘familiarity with a school setting’ whether transitioning to Holy Family School or one of the other local schools in Ballina or Lennox Head.

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