Water Aware Program

Barbara Jensen 1On Wednesday 1st April 2015 Barbara Jensen, the Rous Water Community Education Officer visited St Anne’s with the ‘Water Aware Program’ for preschoolers. The program supports educators, children and their families to take action for wise water use and management. The message is easy for children to relate to with Barb introducing the concept by teaching the children the ‘Water Watchers Song’ and using a felt-board story about young children who learn how to be ‘Water Watchers.’ Using the ‘hand sign’ of 3 fingers up also gives the children a tangible concrete way of remembering the ‘Water Watchers message.’ The Seabirds and Rockpools children are now official ‘Water Watchers!’ For more information about the Rous Water Early Childhood Program visit their website www.rouswater.nsw.gov.au and search ‘Early Childhood’ or follow the links.

Water Watchers Song

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