Get Started

For a quick guide on enrolling your child into St Anne’s, there are a few steps you need to go through to make sure the process is smooth as possible for everyone.

To secure a placement into St Anne’s , considerations will be made according to the Priority of Access Guidelines as set out by the Department of Human Services and the Family Assistance Office. This service operates as an “approved service” by the Commonwealth Government enabling our families who are eligible to receive Child Care Benefit. Further consideration for enrolment is given to the date of application, age of the child, days and room required (baby room, toddler room, preschool room), siblings, children of Centre Staff, and children of families who are staff in  St Francis Xavier Parish Catholic Schools.

Step 1

Step 1

Phone or email St Anne’s to ask for a ‘Request for Enrolment Form’. Completion of this form will then progress entry of your child’s name onto the Centre’s Waiting list. You will then be contacted when an appropriate place is available. Or…

Step 2

Step 2Phone St Anne’s to arrange an appointment for a tour of the Centre. The Centre’s Administrative Assistant or Centre Director will walk you through the Centre to give you a vision of the environment,  for you to get a sense of the ‘feel’ of it, and to answer any questions you may have.  You may then progress the ‘Request for Enrolment Form’.

Step 3

Step 3Phone or email for a personal interview with the Director if you would like to discuss the Centre’s programs, policies or any other aspect related to the care of your child in a personal meeting.


Step 4

Step 4

If an enrolled place is offered you will need to collect an Enrolment package from the Centre and make the required ‘bond’ payment. The following will need to be returned to the Centre prior to your child’s start date:

  • Your child’s Enrolment Form
  • Your child’s up-to-date Immunisation record
  • Birth Certificate (if not already at the Centre)
  • Any medical/developmental assessments or reports related to your child
  • Evidence of the need for special dietary requirements
  • Child Care Benefit details form
  • Court Orders / Custody documents (if applicable)