How do I prepare my child for St Annes?

Making a visit with your child is a great starting point, taking a look around in a relaxed manner, giving your child the opportunity to see the Centre, what it looks like inside, sounds like and even smells like. Children gain information and experience their world through their senses, they process this new information and make sense of it. Being given the opportunity to become familiar with something and being able to relate to it is a very important step.

Does my child need to bring anything with them each day?

Depending on the age of your child they may need to bring:

  • a bag for their own belongings including spare sets of clothing
  • something from home that helps them feel secure (a cuddly, a soft toy etc.)
  • a water bottle (for 2-5 year olds),
  • bottles of milk if required for babies
  • disposable nappies / pull-ups for 0-2 year olds as needed
  • appropriate resting mat / easy rest bed/ or cot linen (depending on age and room)

 Do I need to let you know if my child is going to be absent?

It is certainly appreciated if you let us know that your child is going to be absent. Your child’s educators will then also be aware of their absence in relation to their planned programs. You can either let us know in advance of a planned absence by completing a ‘Forward Notice of Absence Form’ located at Reception, or, you can phone on the morning of your child’s absence to let us know s/he will not be attending on that day.

Can my child come on days s/he is not usually enrolled?

Extra days for attendance can be requested by completing a ‘Request for Extra Days Form’ available from Reception or by phoning the Centre. If vacancies occur extra days can be secured. This needs to be confirmed by the Centre’s Administrative Assistant or Centre Director.

 What happens when my child is ready to move to the next age group room?

Moving into the next age group room will happen in consultation with you, focusing on ‘readiness’ in relation to all areas of development. When a child is ‘ready’ to move into the next age group,  a space in the next room will need to become available before the transition can occur. A transition date will then be confirmed with you and strategies will be implemented to prepare your child for that transition.