Useful Tips

Tip 1 How you feel transfers to your child

Your confidence in us (or alternatively, your anxiety) is quickly transferred to your child through your body language and your words. It is very usual for parents to feel anxious, upset, torn, and unsure when leaving children in care with adults you may not know, particularly if it is for the first time, and particularly if your child has had a previous experience that was not so positive. Please let us know how you are feeling; your feelings and thoughts matter to us and knowledge of your emotional disposition helps us support you and your child to the best of our ability.

Tip 2: How to have a smoother first day (for parent and child)!

On your child’s first day and when you are ready to leave:

  • Make sure your child is involved in an activity with a staff member close by or, in the direct company of a staff member
  • Say goodbye to them happily and confidently and leave without hesitation
  • We encourage you to ring anytime and as often as you want, to ask how things are going for your child.