Toddlers 2-3

Toddlers 2-3Toddlers are starting to gain a sense of themselves as individuals. During the toddler years children progress from exploring objects by manipulating them, to being capable of solving simple problems (how to get something out of reach), categorising objects (noticing similarities and differences), and symbolic thought. They can ‘think’ about things in very simple ways without actually needing them to be present and visible, an ability which leads the way to the development and use of imagination.

A usual day will include…

a learning program both inside and out, to support the children’s rapidly developing cognitive skills, language and communication skills, and use of imagination and engagement in pretend play. As the children arrive they will spend time together with their educators moving freely between their inside and verandah area engaging in activity of their choice. Toddlers love to “potter”. They are given the opportunity to do this with activity areas provisioned with a variety of sensory motor materials. Grouptimes with singing, dancing, story, and mealtimes, resting time and afternoon play are also part of their daily routine.